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OKAY I'm clearly terrible at updating this. If you want to find out what shows are coming up, your best bet is to friend me on facebook. Or follow my instagram (where I usually post a photo of my drums and the gig details 5 minutes before downbeat). I'll make a mailing list soon if I can find 3000 cups of coffee to drink all at once, thereby gaining the superhuman motivation necessary to complete tasks like this.





Jan 17 2018 - Lights Out! presents Enemy Pigeon @ China Cloud

My quintet playing this great series curated by Dan Gaucher and Colin Cowan at one of my favourite listening rooms in Vancouver. 

JAN 12+13 2018 - Only A Visitor + Mind Of A Snail: Puzzle Helix @ Studio 16

One time collaboration between OAV and shadow puppetry wizards Mind Of A Snail.

JAN 10 2018 - Self Help presents Roisin Adams (piano) / Lyle Hopkins (bass) / Kevin Romain (drums) @ Gold Saucer 

Acoustic improvising trio as part of the Self Help concert series curated by Mili Hong and Eli Davidovichi. 


DEC 26 2017 - Solo drumset @ The Rattle

Post holiday potluck, music, commiseration. The Giving Shapes and A Raven Called Crow will play also. 

DEC 12 2017 - Sawdust Collector Presents Aram Bajakian Standards Trio plays The Demons @ Gold Saucer


New jazz trio led by guitarist Aram Bajakian (Lou Reed, Abraxis, Dalava). We'll be playing a new book of Aram's tunes called "The Demons." James Meger on bass and myself on drumset.


DEC 7 2017 - Paul Anthony's Talent Time @ The Rio

Everybody's favourite extravaganza. Sometimes I play in the house band.


DEC 5 2017 - Sawdust Collector presents Kevin Romain solo + EEKS @ Gold Saucer.

Debut performance of my new polyrhythmic solo work for drumset and percussion. Also Eeks will play a set. Sawdust Collector is an amazing weekly concert series curated by solid folks, every Tuesday at Gold Saucer.  


NOV 24 2017 - Eeks @ Merge

Eeks is a new collaboration between vocalist Emma Postl and drummer Kevin Romain. We'll be playing compositions by Emma and some others.

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