For the vintage drum nerds - Here's the gear I use most often. 

2 x Gretsch bop set (early 1970s stopsign badge) 14x18, 8x12,14x14. One in original walnut lacquer, one refinished in natural satin stain.

7x14 Leedy Broadway (late 1940s) snare in blue sparkle. 

6.5x14 WFL Pioneer (late 1950s) snare, natural mahogany lacquer.

5.5x14 Slingerland Hollywood Ace (1960s) snare, midnight blue pearl wrap.

Various Avedis Zildjian ride cymbals and hihats from 1940s-mid 1950s. 

Various K Zildjian Istanbul rides and hihats from 1950s-1970s era.