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For the vintage drum nerds - Here's the gear I'm playing most often. I've been obsessed with vintage drums and cymbals for a long time, but I'm not a collector. Musical instruments are for playing, so I only hold on to the things that I play regularly. 

Gretsch "Progressive Jazz" 20/12/14/5.5x14 round badge set from the 60s in silver sparkle.

Gretsch bop 18/12/14 stop sign badge set from the 70s. 

7x14 Leedy Broadway (late 1940s) snare in blue sparkle. 

5x14 Leedy Universal chrome over brass circa 1920s.

Assortment of K Zildjian Istanbul and Avedis Zildjian ride cymbals and hihats from 1940s-mid 1950s.

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