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Fall 2023 - Salience Network

Quick update - For anyone interested in more frequent knowing what's up with me please follow me on instagram at @kromaindrums or come over and we can have a coffee on the porch and say like "oh yeah man so what are you working on these days" and "oh you know same stuff just tryna keep it going, you got anything cool coming up?" and then we keep going like that for a bit, you know the drill. Finally released a collection of my own music, with my group Salience Network. Whole thing was recorded to tape in two days at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver with engineer John Raham. Jeff Gammon on Bass, John Nicholson on Tenor and Soprano saxophones, Feven Kidane on trumpet. It was released in November 2023 on Tim Reinert's jazz label "The Infidels." You can hear it on streaming services, or here on bandcamp:

Here's a couple vids of us playing at the disc release:

Also have released new discs in the past couple years with Itamar Erez 4tet and Only A Visitor. Here's some stuff from them:

Hope to see youse around sometime soon!

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